Manage Facebook Ads

 Optimize your ads and get the best results for your business The manage Facebook ads feature lets page owners manage their ads like a pro. Automatically increase/decrease budget, run ads to the target audience, search for hidden interest, follow competitors’ pages and create custom audiences. 1. Sign up for  Login to Kaojao in one of the 3 different ways: Email, Gmail or directly from Facebook account.  If you already have a Kaojao account, you can login to the same account. 2. Once logged in, select Manage Facebook Ads. Select Log in With Facebook and Connect your ad account to Facebook. Slide the tab  of the “ad account” you want to connect to, then click on “Save”. 3. Choose the “Ad account name” 4. The system will display the Facebook Ads page, including the following features: A:  Home : is an introduction to the basic shop settings. B : Ad Campaigns: View all ad campaigns  C: Search interest : Find

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Create Click to Messenger Ads

Click to messenger ads are a convenient and easy way to reach audiences who are more likely to message the store page via Messenger or Direct Message. Sellers can suggest products/services, promotions, to drive their target audience’s decision making and boost sales. Benefits of Click to Messenger Ads  < Add in text by Meta > How to create click to messenger 1. Log into your Kaojao Account then click on the Facebook Ads section. 2. Choose the “Ad account” you want to run the ad with 3. Click on the “Create Ads” tab  4. You will be automatically directed to Ads Manager, after that click “Create”. 5. Choose the objective as “Conversions” and then click “Continue”. 6. Give the campaign a name, then click “Next.” 7. Name the ad set. In the conversion objective, choose the “Messaging” type ads.  Choose the ad as “Click to messaging” ads For the messaging app section, select “Messenger”. Now, select the Facebook page you

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