Connect Instagram with Kaojao

To use Instagram chatbots, you must set up your Instagram account as a “Business account”. After that, you can connect your account to Kaojao and use the Instagram chatbot features.

The following are steps to connect Instagram with Kaojao.

1. Sign in to your Instagram account on your mobile, click on the three-dash icon at the top right-handed side, then click on “Settings”.

2. Click on “Account”.

Then click on “Switch to Professional Account”.

3. Click on “Continue” until you reach this page and select a category for your business.

4. Select “Business”, then click on “Next” and fill out the business and contact information.

Then click on “Next”.

5. Connect to a Facebook page, and click on “Next”.

6. Log into Kaojao, then choose the “Manage Page and Auto-response System option. 

7. Go to the “Connect” page on Kaojao’s website, then click on the “+ Connect” button next to the Instagram icon.

8. Choose the account you want to connect and click on “Save”.

Recheck if the page has been connected.

9. In Facebook, go to “Manage Page” then click on “Settings”.

10. Click on “Instagram”.

11. Click on “Connect Account”.

12. Click on “Continue”.

13. Review your page and click on “continue”.

14. Click on “Confirm”.

15. Click on “Confirm”.

16. Confirm the Instagram page connection by clicking on “Confirm Connection”.