Create Quiz

You can create quizzes to be sent out to your audiences and contacts in messenger. The Quizzes can be for any purposes such as driving engagement, creating campaigns or creating events. You can also collect scores for correct answers.

1. Log in to Kaojao, then choose the “Manage page and auto response System” section.

After that choose the page you want to create a quiz, then click on “Manage”.

2. In the “Auto Replies” menu.

3. Then go to the “Survey/Quiz” page. Click on the green button that is “+ New Survey/Quiz”.

4. Type in the name of your quiz, select the option, then click on “Save”.

5. You can fill in your desired questions and select the options you want to allow. You can enable an introduction message, an ending message, and also whether your audience can retake the quiz or not.

To specify the score in the ending message, add your message, type {{score}} instead of the score.

For example, you can write: Congratulations you have received {{score}} points. Our chatbots will show the score based on the quiz they took instead of {{score}}.

6. You can choose if you want the responses to be recorded as “Multiple choice” or “Text Input”.

7. At the bottom of the page you can specify a message to be sent with the link when you share the quiz link to other people.

8. Once you are done creating the quiz, you can click on the “Launch” button to make the quiz live.

9. You can also receive responses in your messenger by clicking on the icon beside the link, then click on “Send me messages”.

*The quiz will be visible in messenger like this:

To download results from the quiz, click on “Export Results”.

*The results of the quiz will be exported in an excel sheet.