Welcome Message & Quick Reply Buttons

Setting up welcome message and quick replies for your customers can be very helpful as your customers don’t have to wait for responses and can receive information about your business faster. The welcome message and quick replies are sent to the customers, only when they initiate a conversation or message your page first.

1. Choose the page you would like to set up auto-replies for, then click on “Manage”.

2. Go to Auto Replies and click on Inbox Setup.

3. Scroll down to the “Welcome message and Quick Reply buttons”

Feel free to add in your welcome message and quick reply messages here, add in up to 10 keywords or frequently asked questions and their responses in text or photo.

Here is an example of how your message will be visible in their messenger chatbox.

NOTE: You can add the name of your customers and personalize your message by adding “{{name}}” in place of their name to your message.