Manage Orders in Instagram (DM)

Once the customer adds the product to the cart, the order is automatically created after completing their order process in Instagram (Direct Message), online sellers can review the order information and verify the payment.

When the customers select the “item” option in the menu, the system will display a list of the products that have been added to the system. (See how to add products here)

1. Click on “Buy Now” to add to the cart and select the delivery option, then confirm the order.

2. Fill in your contact details, then click on “Order” and attach your proof of payment.

3. After inserting the payment slip, the system will show “Pending Payment Confirmation” in Kaojao, online sellers have to confirm the payment status manually.

Online sellers can click to view orders by themselves. Click on “View Orders”.

How to Check Orders

1. Log into Kaojao, then choose the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” option.

Choose the store you would like to check orders, then click on “Manage”.

2. After that click on “Orders”.

3. Select the channel that you want to check the orders. Then, select “Instagram”.

4. When you click on the order number, the order details will be visible.

5. Click on the order, then click on “Confirm Payment”. The system will send a confirmation message back to the customer in DM.

6. To confirm the payment, click on “Yes”.

7. The system will change the status to “Paid”.

The verified badge will be green.

*This is the preview of the confirmation Direct message.