Keyword based on Chat Response Instagram (DM)

Replying to chats quickly is more than half the battle won when it comes to online sales. To be able to manage repeating messages in the chat, you have to set up chat responses based on keywords. With this feature, when customers type a message with the keywords that you have set, Kaojao will automatically respond with the response that you have set.

The following are steps on how to set keyword-based chat responses on Instagram.

1. Log in to Kaojao and click on the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” section.

After that select the page you want to put the setting, then click on “Manage”.

2. In the “Auto-Replies” section, click on “Keyword Replies”.

3. Add your desired keyword and enter the message you want to set as the response. Turn on the “Inbox reply” tab and click on “Save new keyword”.

4. When a customer types a text containing the keyword that you have set. The system will be automatically responded with your preset response.

*This is how the response will be visible in DM.