Solve Custom Audience Issues

While creating a custom audience, you might receive notifications saying,

A: “Kaojao is not allowed to manage the business account. Try to connect Ad account again” or

B: “You haven’t added this Ad account to your business account.”

Following is the tutorial of how you can solve the issue when notifications like this pops-up.

First, you have to accept the terms and conditions for creating a Custom Audience on Facebook.

1. In the Facebook Ads section, go to the Custom Audience page. After that click on “click to edit”

2.Read the terms and conditions and click on the “Accept” button.

When you get notifications that say “Kaojao is not allowed to manage business account, Try to connect Ad account again”, You can fix it by reconnecting Kaojao with your Facebook Page.

1.Go to ‘settings and privacy in your Facebook account.

2. Click on “settings”.

3. Scroll down to the “Business Integrations” section and click on “view and edit”.

4.Turn on the “Manage your business” tab, and click on “save”.

Create Business Account

If you receive the notification saying “You haven’t added this ad account to your business account”.

1.In the Facebook Ads menu, go to the Custom Audience page and click on “Click to edit”.

2. Choose the business page you want to connect Kaojao with.

3. In Facebook business settings, go to the Ad Accounts page and click on the “Add” button, then click on “Add an Ad Account”.

4. Add your Ad account Id, which can be found on your Facebook Ad account page. Then click on “Add Ad account”.

5. This is how your screen will look like after you have successfully added your Ad account.

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