Welcome Message & Reply Buttons on Messenger

Setting up the welcome messages and quick replies for your customers can be very helpful as your customers don’t have to wait for responses and can receive information about your business faster. The welcome message and quick replies are sent to the customers, only when they initiate a conversation or message your page first.

1. Welcome Message

1.1) Open <Kaojao.com> then choose the “Auto-response System” button.

1.2) Choose the page you would like to set up auto-replies, then click on “Manage”.

1.3) Go to “Auto Replies” and click on “Inbox Setup”.

1.4) Scroll down to the “Welcome Message & Quick Reply Buttons”

Feel free to add in your welcome message and quick reply messages here, you can add up to 10 keywords or frequently asked questions and their responses in text or photo.

*Here is an example of how your message will be visible in their messenger chatbox:

NOTE: You can add the name of your customers and personalize your message by adding “{{name}}” in place of their name to your message.

2. Reply button on Messenger

The “Reply Button on Messenger” is a great way to start a conversation with your customers. When a customer comes to your Inbox, they can easily ask questions or send inquiries based on the keywords that are set in the inbox.

To connect the “Reply Button on Messenger”, check out the following steps:

2.1) Choose the page you want to add the setting, then click on “Manage”.

2.2) In the “Auto Replies” section click on “Inbox setup”.

2.3) Scroll down to the “Reply button on messenger & Instagram” section, then click on “+ Add button”.

2.4) Add in your desired message and the reply to that message.

”Message” is the place where you can type in the word you want to be visible in the inbox.

“Response Message” is the place where you can add quick reply to the message if the customer clicks on it. This can be in the form of photos or text.

2.5) After that click on the “Save” button to add more button click on the green “Add button”.

*Here is how the “Reply buttons” will be visible in messenger:

Note: You can set up only one option between “Reply Button on Messenger & Instagram” or “Welcome Message & Quick Reply Buttons”.