TikTok Pixel ID

You can install TikTok Pixel ID to track your Kaojao online store with these following steps:

1. Go to TikTok For Business or click the link to login http://bit.ly/39f345a.

2. After logging in, go on the “Assets” section in the menu bar and click on “Event”.

3. Go to the “Website Pixel” section, click on “Manage”.

4. After that click on “Create Pixel”.

5. Add in “Pixel Name”, then select “Manually install pixel code”, after that click on “Next”.

6. Choose “Standard Mode” then click on “Next”.

7. Click on “Complete & Set Rules”.

8. Click on “E-commerce Events”.

9. Type in your event name, choose your preferred currency, then click on “Next”.

10. Copy your Kaojao shop link.

After that paste it in the Website URL section.

11. Add Rule then click on the “Complete” button.

12. Now, you can copy your Pixel ID.

13. Add your Tiktok Pixel ID in the “Shop Setup” menu.

Now you can install the “TikTok Pixel Helper” extension to check how Tiktok Pixel works at http://bit.ly/3sdffIb.

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