Add Store Information

You can create a new shop page , edit your shop information and set-up delivery information to be automatically sent to your customers. Adding details to your shop makes it easier for your customers and audience to find more information about you.

1. Creating a new shop

Creating a new shop means creating a shop that has not been added to the Kaojao platform yet. Please make sure that the page you are connecting to is not connected to any other shop on Kaojao yet.

(There might be technical problems if the same Facebook page is connected to more than 1 shop)

1.1) Go to and choose the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” button.

1.2) Click on the empty box with “+” mark to add new shop page.

1.3) Now choose the Facebook page that you want to connect with and click on the ”Save” button.

1.4) The platform will automatically create a tab based on your selections.

2. Editing Shop Information

Editing the shop information makes it easier to reach your customers and audience.

Here you can add contact information, choose the theme for your online shop, add payment information and other information for the customers.

You can edit your shop information by the following procedure:

2.1) Go to and choose the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” button.

2.2) After that click on the “Manage” button for the page you want to edit.

2.3) To start setting up the store, enter “Store Name”.

After entering the store name, edit the online store link (this link can only be edited once) and enter your shop details in the description box.

Click on the checkbox if you would like the customers to buy via website and messenger.

2.4) Choose your website theme and color

In the shop setup page, you can choose any 1 theme from our 4 Kaojao shop signature themes (The free package only enables 1 theme).

After choosing one of our signature themes, you can customize your shop page based on 6 color shades (grey, red, yellow, green, blue, purple).

2.5) Add in your payment details such as bank account information or attach a photo of QR code to accept payments from customers in your Inbox.

You can add details of your payment into the “Payment Instructions” box, this information will be sent to the customers in their inbox upon purchase. Click on the checkbox if you accept bank transfers and/or cash on delivery.

Feel free to add pictures of your account number and transfer details for your customers to find the information easily.

2.6) Fill in your contact information, this information is sent to your customers via inbox.

After you have completed filling in the information, the system will automatically save the provided information.

3. Set Up Delivery Information

Setting up delivery Information makes the delivery process faster and easier. The default setup of the page is free shipping, you can change the shipping information and set your delivery rate through the drop-down menu.

3.1) Go to the “Shop Setup” page.

3.2) Scroll down to the Shipping Setup section.

3.3) Choose your preferred shipping rate option “Fixed Flat Rate”, “Amount Based Rate”, “Weight Based Rate” or “Quantity Based Rate”.
The system will automatically save your preference.