Create Survey

You can receive vital information about your audience, such as their opinions and feedback, by creating a survey and sending it to their inbox.

The following are the steps to creating and sending surveys to your customers.

1. Log in to Kaojao and click on the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” section.

After that choose the Facebook Page you want to create a survey, then click “Manage”.

2. In the “Auto Replies” menu, go to the “Survey/Quiz”, then click on “+ New Survey/Quiz”.

3. Add in the description and questions that you want to ask. You can also add in ending message and Intro message.

4. After you are done filling in your questions and information, click on the link to start the survey on messenger.

5. Click on “Send me messages” to start the survey on messenger.

*This is how the survey will be visible in messenger.