Reply button for Instagram DM 

Instagram Auto Reply Button is very useful for your customers who don’t have to wait to receive responses. The reply button will only be displayed when the customer messages you first.

  1. Select the page you want to set this setting for,then click on “Manage”

2. In the “Auto-Reply” section, go to “Inbox Setup”.

3. Scroll down to the “Reply Button on Messenger and Instagram” page then click on “+Add Button”.

4. Here you can fill in the name for the button and reply message to each of the buttons

“Text” is where you can add options for customers to tap on when they enter your DM.

“Reply message” is the automatic reply message that will be sent once they tap on one of the buttons. You can respond with item lists and the welcome message also.

5. After you are done adding all the messages and responses, click on “save”.

Here is how it will be visible in Instagram DM :