Facebook Pixel ID

You can connect your Facebook Pixel ID to your online store with the following steps:

1. Go to Facebook Events Manager.

2. Click on “+ Connect data sources”, it will be a green button on the left-handed side.

3. Click on “Web” in the data source options, then click on “Connect”.

If your Ad account is suspended, a message will pop up, “Pixel generation is not allowed.”

4. Select “Facebook Pixel”, then click on “Connect”.

5. Then, create a name for your pixel and add your Kaojao’s online store link and click at the “X” on the top right corner.

6. Here you can see your FB Pixel ID.

7. Copy your Facebook Pixel ID and paste it into the FB Pixel ID section in Shop Setup.

Once you are done with the setup, You can download the “Facebook Pixel Helper” extension to check the functions of Facebook Pixel at http://bit.ly/3i4xOd8.

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