Manage Facebook Ads

Optimize your ads and get the best results for your business.

The feature of Manage Facebook Ads is a tool that lets you create and manage your ads like a pro. It automatically adjusts budget, runs ads to the target audience, searches for hidden interest, follows competitors’ pages and creates custom audiences.

1. Sign up for

Log into Kaojao in one of the 3 different ways: Email, Gmail or directly from Facebook account. 

If you already have a Kaojao account, you can login to the same account.

2. Once logged in, select Manage Facebook Ads.

Select Log in with Facebook and connect your ad account to Facebook.

Slide the tab  of the “Ad Account” you want to connect, then click on “Save”.

3. Choose the “Ad Account name”

4. The system will display the Facebook Ads page, including the following features:

  • A:  Home: An introduction to the basic shop settings.
  • B: Ad Campaigns: View all ad campaigns.
  • C: Search Interest: Find behavior or interests related to people or your business.
  • D:  Track Competitors: View trends, content and ads from competitor pages that are popular.
  • E: Custom Audience: Create custom audience for ad campaigns.
  • F: Messenger Ads: Learn to create Click-to-Messenger.
  • G: + Connect Ads Account: Add other ad accounts.
  • H: Dashboard: Show and analyze your ads results.
  • I: Go to Ads Manager: Get to ads accounts.

The Dashboard page will show the advertising campaigns that consist of the following menus:

  1. Campaigns
  2. Spent
  3. Lifetime Budget (Daily Budget)
  4. Impressions
  5. Reach
  6. Link Clicks
  7. Cost Per Click
  8. Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM)
  9. Click Through Rate (CTR)
  11. First Reply
  12. The number of people who messaged (overall)
  13. Purchases
  14. Purchases Conversion Value
  15. Return On Ads Spending (ROAS)
  16. Choose the time to review ad retrospectively
  17. Amount Spent

*Example of Dashboard Ads page

*Example of the home page 

*Example of Ads campaign page

*Example of Search Interest page

See how it uses: Find interest

Example of a Track Competitor page

See how it works: Follow competitors’ pages.

*Example of the Custom Audience page

See how it works: Create a Custom Audience audience.