Manage Orders

Once the customer adds their products into the cart or places an order through messenger, the order is automatically created after that you can verify the Order Information and Proof of payment.

Manage Orders :

The Auto Billing feature allows the customers to order the products by themselves through chat without you having to personally respond to every message.

When the customer clicks on the “Products” / “items” (based on what you have set) option in the menu, they can see the list of products that you have added to the system. (See how to add products here)

Following are steps to order a product:

1.Once the product list is visible, click on “Buy Now”, you will be redirected to the online store, choose the product you want to order, then click on “Add to cart”, and then “Confirm order”.

After adding the payment slip, the system will show “Payment Confirmation: Pending”.

Customers can click to view orders via chat by themselves. by clicking on”View Orders”.

How to check your orders:

1.Go to the “orders” page in the menu.

2.Choose the channels that you want to see orders from,  To see all orders, click on “All channels”.

3. If all channels are selected The system will display all orders.

  1. Exclamation mark refers to payment pending , tick mark shows payment confirmation
  2. When you click on the order number ,the order bill and payment notification bill will be visible.
  3. Confirm this payment, click on “confirm payment”.
  4. The system will change to “Payment Confirmed.

4. When you click on the order number, a page showing the order details will appear.

5. To confirm payment, click on the “confirm payment” button, then click on “yes”.

6. The order page will be updated to “Paid”.

Check your Payment and shipping status in your Inbox.