Live Comment Setting

With the help of this feature, you will be able to respond to comments in Live videos.

There are 2 ways of responding to Live messages: A. Privately reply in inbox and B. Comment reply.

Log into your Kaojao account and choose “Manage Page and Auto response system” then choose the Facebook store you want to set the feature for, then click on “Manage”.

A. With the default private reply feature, you can direct customers that comment on your live video into their Inbox.

To set default comments from Live videos to Inbox, check out the following steps :

1.In the “Auto Replies” section, go to “Comment Replies”.

3. Scroll down to the Live comment setting section, and turn on the “Insert full comment before reply message” tab . Then type your message in the “response message” section.

B. To set the comment reply, check out the following steps:

1.In the “Auto Replies” section, go to “Comment Replies”.

2. Type your response to comments in the “response message” section.

Now, when a customer comments on your live videos, the response you set will be sent to their Inbox.