Find Hidden Interest

This feature allows you to target your audience based on their interests and behaviors, making your ads reach more effective result. You can broaden your audiences more effective than the Ads manager.

1. Set up Hidden Interest

Check out the following steps:

1.1) Log into Kaojao, then choose the “Facebook Ads” section.

After that log into the ad account in which you want to find hidden interests.

1.2) Click on the “Search Interest” page.

1.3) Search for the interest you want to target in the search box.

Choose the interests that match your target audience.

Note: To use keywords based on your page interests, check out the following steps.

2. Use Hidden Interest to Target

2.1) In the Facebook Ads section, click on Interest.

2.2) Search and choose your desired keywords, then click on “Apply”.

2.3) Choose the Ad campaign for which you would like to apply this feature.

2.4) You can choose to find the interests in 2 ways: Apply to an existing Ad set or create a new campaign.

A. Click on the “Apply to ad set” button to apply the interest in an existing ad campaign.

B. You can create new campaign by clicking on the “create as new campaign” button

2.5) Kaojao automatically adds your selected interest in the Ad campaign of your Ad manager.