Connect Facebook Page

In order to use Kaojao’s features, it is mandatory for all users to connect their Facebook page to our platform. To connect your Facebook page, you must be the admin of the page. Only then will the page be visible during the setup procedure.

The following are the steps to connect your Facebook page with our platform:

1. Open <> then choose the function you want from: Auto-response system, Kaojao Live or Facebook Ads.

2. Then select page you would like to connect with our platform.
Click on the Facebook / Messenger icon, to connect your Facebook page with Kaojao.

3. The system will show all pages of which you are the admin. Click on the green button for the pages you want to connect.

(You can connect more than 1 page for 1 Kaojao Shop)

4. After connecting to Facebook, you can re-check the pages that you have connected with the shop by clicking on “Manage”.

5. Then click the “Connect” button. If your Facebook page is connected to Kaojao, a verified sign will show on the right.

Note: Even though you can connect unlimited pages to a store, it is recommended to connect 1 Facebook page per Kaojao store. This way, you will be able to set your preferred responses based on individual pages.