Facebook Page Not Visible

If you are having issues connecting the account and cannot view your Facebook page on our platform, it could be due to one of the following reasons :

1. Your store has not enabled page access to Kaojao.

2. You are not an Admin of the page.

3. Kaojao is not able to detect your page, if that is the case, please reconnect and refresh your browser.

Here is how you can fix these issues:

1. If you want to add a page to your store but cannot connect it to Kaojao. Check to see if your Facebook page has access turned on.

1.1) Go to your personal Facebook, then click on “Settings and privacy”.

1.2). In the settings section, scroll down to “Business Integrations”.

1.3). Check all the pages you are connected to, then click on “View and Edit” and edit the pages you want to integrate. After that click “Save”.

2) Check if you are the page Admin.

2.1) Go to the Facebook Page and click on “Settings”.

2.2) Go “Page Roles” and check if you are the page admin and your page roles.

3) Remove all Facebook pages that you have integrated, including Kaojao then reconnect the page.

3.1) Go to your personal Facebook, select “Settings and privacy”.

3.2) Click on “Business Integration” and remove all apps, including the Kaojao.

Now, reconnect Kaojao with your Facebook Page.

3.3) 1: Log into Kaojao, then choose the “Manage Page and Auto-response system option, Reconnect from the account selection page, by clicking on the “Facebook” icon.

Choose the page you want to connect to, then press “Save”.

Choose the page you want to connect then click on “Save”.