Persistent Menu ( Messenger Menu )

The Persistent menu option allows customers to receive answers and information from a variety of menu options without the admin typing each response manually. The responses of the persistent menu are sent to customers in the inbox, this can help you close sales easily. You can set upt o 10 topics in the persistent menu.

Customers can view the persistent menu using the 3 dash icon on the right side of the messenger chatbox.

Here is how you can set up the persistent menu:

  1. Login to your Kaojao account, then click on the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” section, Go to the page you want to set up the persistent menu for, then click on “Manage”.

2.Go to the “Inbox Setup” page and scroll down to Persistent Menu (Messenger) section.

3.Turn on the green button to make the menu option visible.

3.Add in your menu options and response messages. You can use up to 10 menu options (not necessary to use all options). Menu options can be set up to 30 characters.

4.After you are done editing your menu options and response messages click on the “save” button

Here is how the persistent menu function is visible in the messenger chatbox of your customers. Your customers can access the menu by clicking on the 3 lines at the bottom right of your chatbox.