Respond to Ad comments

With the help of chatbots, you can reply to comments on Ad posts. You can also set up comment replies on individual Ad posts.

1. Log into Kaojao, then choose the “Facebook Ads” option.

Choose the page you want to set up auto-responses to Ad comments, then click on “Manage”.

2. For Facebook Ads section, click on “Log in with Facebook”.

3. Use your Email address or phone number to log in Facebook.

4. Choose your desired Ad Account, then click on “Save”.

5. Choose the campaign and audience that you would like to run your Ad with.

6. Then click on your desired ad set and select your Ad.

7. Go to the Ads Comment Setting. The screen will show the post, you can now turn on Privately reply to a comment, Comment reply, or Keyword reply depending on your preferences.

Enter the message you want to be visible as your response. 

You can also turn on specific post reply.

8. Feel free to preview your Ad post by clicking on the “View Post” button.

9. When a customer comments on your video, this is how the response will be visible.