Custom Audience

You can create custom audiences to target your ads to a specific group of people, this will define your target market. You can also specifically target customers based on keywords used, previous comments, and if they have made a purchase from you before.

Here is how you can set this up :

1.Log into Kaojao, then choose the Facebook ads section. Create and turn on 5 groups of custom audiences.

A) Inbox and Comments (Keywords only): This function can target audiences based on keywords, which means you can set keywords, Kaojao will then target audiences based on those keywords in your inbox and comments.

To target the audience based on keywords, In the “Auto Replies” menu, go to the “Keyword Replies” page, then turn on the “Create custom audience” tab to use this feature.

B) Inbox (All): This function is to target audiences that have sent a message to the page before.

C) Comments (All): This function is to target audiences that have commented in the posts of the page before.

D). Inbox and Comments (All): This function is to create audiences from all the customers who have sent messages and comments on the page.

Start Building your Custom Audience :

1.In the “Facebook Ads” section, then go to the“Custom Audience” page.

2.You can choose the audience you want to target for the page you have selected.

You can check the pages you have connected to the target audience in the “Ads Manager”.

1.Go to the Ads Manager

2. Go to the “Audiences” section from the menu on the left-hand side menu.

3. Our platform will run ads to the custom audiences that you have selected. You can monitor your audiences here.