Set up Messenger Shortcut Key

Quick responses to customer messages is one of the most important keys in making a quick sale and increasing customer satisfaction. With the messenger shortcut key feature, you will quickly be able to send responses to your customers by setting up a specific key to your response. For example, if a customer asks you about the material of your products, you can set the shortcut key as “Material” and when you type in the word “Material”, a pre-saved message about the materials will automatically follow in the chatbox.

1.Choose the page you would like to set up Shortcut keyword responses for, then click on “Manage”.

2. Go to “Messenger Shortcuts” in the “Auto Replies” section.

3. Add in your desired Shortcut Key and the Full Message. After that click on the “Save” button.

4. Now when an admin sends a message based on the pre-saved keywords that were set, a response will follow like this.