Set Admin Hours

Many online shop owners face this problem when it comes to receiving messages and orders during nighttime or holidays. Sometimes it is not convenient for the admin to reply to each message from customers.

This feature on our platform will help you solve the issue of timings, by letting your customers know about your work timings and setting up a chatbot to respond to your customers while you are away.

1.Choose the page you want to set up admin hours, then click on “Manage”.

2. Go to “Auto replies” and click on “Inbox Setup”.

3. Specify your opening hours from the options below. (For weekdays and weekends separately)

  • Open 24 Hours : The shop is open 24 hours
  • Closed: The shop is currently closed.
  • Specify the time : Set working hours for your shop

4. Customize away message for your customers to recieve if they contact you during closing hours.

Here is how the away message will be visible to your customers.