Google Analytics Pixel ID

You can track events on Kaojao’s online store with the help of Google Analytics pixel ID using the following steps:

1. Go to Google Analytics, log in and click on “Start Measuring”. After that enter the account name, and click “Next”.

2. Create a Property name, change the time zone and currency according to your preference.

3. In the data streams options, choose your platform.

Add your Kaojao online store link in the “Website URL” section.

4. Add in your business Information, then click on “Create”.

5. Select your country, read the terms and conditions, then click on the checkbox and “I accept”.

6. Click on the checkbox for updating features you would like to select, then click on “Save”.

7. In the Google Analytics page, click on “Admin”.

8. Copy your Google Analytics Measurement ID.

9. Go to Shop Setup page, then add in your Google Analytics ID.

Read more about how to create Google Analytics at

Once you have completed the initial setup,you can download the Tag Assistant extension to use Google Analytics at

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