Set up Instagram comments

This feature allows you to respond to comments on Instagram automatically. The responses will be sent based on the keywords that you set.

This tutorial has information about:

1. Setting up Instagram comments

2. Keyword-based on comment replies

3. Auto Responses for Individual posts

Here are the steps to set up the feature:

1. Setting up Instagram Comments.

1.1) Log in to Kaojao, then choose the “Manage page and auto-response System” section.

Select the shop you want to set comment response and click on “Manage”.

1.2) Go to the “Auto Replies” section in the menu, select “Comment replies”.

1.3) In the “Default Comment Reply” section, turn on the “Reply to every comment” tab and then type your response.

2. Keyword-based on Comment Replies.

2.1) In the “Auto Replies” section in the menu, go to the “Keyword Replies” page.

2.2) Turn on the “Comment reply” tab and add in the keyword and response for those keywords.

3. Response for Posts

With this setting, you will be able to reply with individual responses on post comments.

3.1) In the “Auto Replies” section, click on “Post Replies”.

3.2) Turn on the “Keyword Replies” tab and set the keyword and response. Turn on “specific post reply” for the responses to be individually saved for each post.