Reply Button on Messenger (ice-breakers)

The messenger reply button feature is visible in messenger when a customer visits your chatbox.

This function is helpful for shop owners, as the customers can automatically receive responses to questions about inventory, contact information, or responses to their other queries. Shop owners can set up responses using text and images, item lists, item information, and even welcome message.

Following are steps to enable the reply button on messenger:

1.Choose the Facebook page for which you would like to set the reply, and click on “manage”.

2. Click on the ‘Inbox Setup’ Button on the left menu.

3. Scroll down to the “Reply button on Messenger” section and click on the “+Add button”.

4. At the “Message” section add in keywords and messages that the customers can send in messenger.

At the “Reply Message” section, add in your response to the Keywords or messages.

4.1) To add more keywords, click on “+ Add Button”.

Once you are done adding your messages and reply message, click on “Save”.

Following is an example of how the messenger reply button will be visible.