Create Your Online Store

You can create an online shop as your storefront with Kaojao’s platform. For the shop, you can choose from our 4 signature themes and 6 color options to personalize your page based on your brand.

Before setting up your online store, you need to set up these 2 information:

1. Add Products

2. Edit Shop Information

You can easily set up your online shop with the following steps :

1. Choose the store you would like to create the online shop for, then click on “Manage”.

2.In the “Shop Setup” section , lick on “Online Store” then choose your website theme.

( There are 4 themes available for you to choose from. )

3. After choosing your website theme, choose your website color from 6 color shades: grey, red, yellow, green, blue, purple.

4. To see your store, click on ” View your shop “.

You can copy and send the link of your shop page, by clicking on “Copy”.

Note: If you subscribe to the Basic Package, you can only use 1 signature theme.

To customize your online store and unlock all 4 themes and 6 colors, you can upgrade to the Pro and Business packages.

To install more functions to your sales page :

Checkout :

Facebook Pixel ID

TikTok Pixel ID

Google Tag Manager ID

Google Analytics ID