Post Replies (Set ID)

This function allows you to set up separate responses to each post based on the ID. For example, if you have posts to sell products and separate posts to inform about promotions and discounts, the content and information will be different from each other.

With this function, you can specify responses specific to the post.

1. Log into Kaojao, then click on the “Manage Page and Auto-response System” section.

2. Choose the account, you would like to set up this function, then click on “Manage”.

3. Go to “Auto Replies” then click on “Post Replies”.

4. Switch to “Search by Post ID”.

5. Comment “POSTID” on the post, from your personal account.

6. The page will send the Post ID to your Inbox.

7. Copy the Post ID and put it in the Kaojao system, then click on “Save” and refresh the screen.

8. The system will show the specific post that you added the ID for, then click on the “Turn on specific post reply”.

9. You can specify responses to comments and direct comments to their inbox or even specify responses based on keywords.

When a customer comments on that post, the system will automatically reply with the message you have set.