Create Click to Messenger Ads

Click to messenger ads are a convenient and easy way to reach audiences who are more likely to message the store page via Messenger or Direct Message. Sellers can suggest products/services, promotions, to drive their target audience’s decision making and boost sales.

Benefits of Click to Messenger Ads 

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How to create click to messenger

1. Log into your Kaojao Account then click on the Facebook Ads section.

2. Choose the “Ad account” you want to run the ad with

3. Click on the “Create Ads” tab 

4. You will be automatically directed to Ads Manager, after that click “Create”.

5. Choose the objective as “Conversions” and then click “Continue”.

6. Give the campaign a name, then click “Next.”

7. Name the ad set.

  • In the conversion objective, choose the “Messaging” type ads. 
  • Choose the ad as “Click to messaging” ads
  • For the messaging app section, select “Messenger”.
  • Now, select the Facebook page you want to use to run the ad.
  • Set your budget and time frame. You can set a daily or lifetime budget after that, specify the amount and the date and time for the start and end of this campaign .
  • Specify your target audience, Then click “Next”

8. Name the ad

  • In the ad setting you can choose between  “Create an ad”or “Use an existing post” or “Use a Creative Hub Mockup”
  • In this example, we are using an exisitng ad
  • After you choose the post. A preview of the ad will appear on the right-hand side.
  • Give the ad a Call-to-action and Heading , for this click to messenger ad example,  we chose “Send Message”.

Then click on  “Save”

Here is an example of how the ad will look like

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